Oct 202015

Being a “Holistic” Care Practitioner

What does being a “holistic dentist” mean to me?  I grow and shape the definition each day.  Ultimately, I go back to the true definition of the word: a whole-body approach to treatment.  Each and every individual has their own set of needs, wants and approaches to life and that extends to dentistry.  For example, a person who fears the dentist are probably not a good candidate for recommending full-porcelain veneers; a person with some type of systemic disease that affects their gum tissue may need more than two cleanings a year.

I keep an open mind and consider alternative treatment methods when appropriate.  To some, “holistic” means a departure from Western medicine.  I research alternative methods and use them when appropriate and believe them to be successful.  In fact, we are going to be implementing the use of ozone in our practice, starting in November, after several months of research and training.   Here is an external link if you wish to reach more about it or call our office at (919)821-2454: Learn more about Holistic Dentistry.

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